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Buying A Campervan Guide

Campervans inspire the imagination and just about everyone would love to own one but the underlying fact is they are all very old. (unless you buy a Danbury imported from south America)

When you source your van try and buy imported conversions from America, Australia or New Zealand, places that have low rainfall. If you purchase from private buyers in the UK make sure they have treated the van like their own child with love care and regular maintenace! Most camper loving owners will keep an in depth history of all that they have done to the van.

We could write a long list on all the problem areas you need to look at when buying a camper but with the prices they fetch and the investment needed we suggest you follow the Cornwall by Camper route which is to find somebody who is an expert wether a garage or mechanic and get them to put it on the ramp and give the van a good look over. Get them to take it out try the gears and give their opinion.
Nothing can beat an experts opinion as they have had years of training and will quickly find problems.

If you decide to buy one as a "project" make sure you know what you are taking on in terms of bodywork, rust ect, there are so many unfinished projects as they can be so time and cost consuming. Again seek advice.

If you decide to purchase the van dont be afraid to put in a much lower offer than the asking price as when most people part with them it is through necessacity and they want to sell them quickly. It is also a buyers market for campers & motorhomes at the moment as the are luxury vehicles.

Campervans are also a very attractive purchase at the moment as classic vehicles are one of the few commodities that are forcast to increase in value in the future..but they must be looked after properly!

Lastly make sure you shop around, finding a good deal can take 6 months as many owners can overvalue their camper vans, check Ebay and enthusiast dealers who will keep their ear to the ground for you, here is a great site to keep an eye on..

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