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Buying a VW "Splittie"

This has to be one of the most hazardous journeys you will embark on in the world of VW camper aquisition. Considering the age and expense of these vehicles and the maintenance to keep them on the road, getting a good one for reasonable money is always a bit of a quest.

Though they are becoming more difficult to hire we thought we would share our journey with our readers as we are about to start looking for one to add to our camper crew. After much research, discusions with many informed people and constant Ebay searches we have found the best route is to import one...

The best place to find them has to be South Africa and Australia as they are right hand drive, also the climate means that they will most likely be rust free and hence have minimal welding. We have found a great contact in Oz who is the brother of the expert we have who maintains our vans. As a general note you have to have been a resident there for 5 years to be able to export them and our contact the search begins.

We are looking for a vehicle that we can import in a pretty basic or raw state so we can specify the colours, interior and accessories to match the vision we have for our dream vehicle.

Watch this space as the story progresses we will also update our Facebook page, please contact us if you need any advice also as we would love to help.



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