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Fitting Out Your Van

The options for fitting out the interior of a VW camper are enormous
and range from detail perfect restorations to totally modern refits.

If you want to add value to the van it is imprtant that you know what you are doing if you are to do it yourself. Otherwise there are lots of specialist interior companies available.


if you choose to restore your van to an original soecification, ie a Westfalia interior you will be able to find lots of parts on Ebay. These include new parts and old ones, from entire sink and cooker units to "rock and roll beds" The prices vary and dont be affraid to bid low!

Fitting them yourself requires some knowledge so do be afraid to hunt on Youtube and also contact owners and enthusiasts through the VW club UK.

Moden Refits

These in most cases are more envolved as you may be starting with a blank canvas, there are many failed attempts you can see online. Unless you are a skilled carpenter or craftsman we would advise you to talk to a coachbuilding refit specialist. There are also some moden interior kits available online, though not cheap are of great quality.

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